Monday, February 27, 2006

If You Call The Police, You're Fired

I was hired at a Wal Mart store in ARizona 8 months ago.

In that time, I became amazed at the number of borderline and definitely illegal activities going on. I have a friend who was being stalked who works at the same store. When she tried to get help against the coworker who was stalking her, they put him in a nearby area to work and wrote her up!!! I have a restraining order against my ex because he bbasically tried to kill me, when I saw him at work one night (I work overnights as a stocker), I was told by the managers that if I call the police, I will get fired.

"That's not Wal Mart's policy" It gets even worse. When I first started there, we had around 45 people working nights. Today, May 9, we have maybe 15!! People are leaving and our store manager refuses to replace them. I am leaving this particular store next week and gave them 6 weeks' notice and no one has been hired to replace me or been trained to replace me.

Also, because of the increased departure of staff, there are a certain number of people, myself included, who are being pulled from our departments and being expected to work 3 or more deaprtments every night. Now, there are associates who absolutely refuse to leave their departments and so they get to work their areas and not help out while the rest of us are busting our butts to try and help. And nothing we do is good enough.

One colleague got written up because he worked 7 departments in one night and sent back 1/2 a pallet he couldn't get to. There is another worker who suffered a heart attack and the day he was back, they only allowed him three weeks off, they sent him right back to water and sodas,one of the hardest areas to work. I worked so hard that I ended up out for 10 days and the day with severe flu and exhaustion. The week I get back I have to work 4 or more dapartments.

Then I get a verbal reprimand for stuff I did not do. The day people do not work at our store. I come in to 6 baskets of items that have not been put away and a department that has not beeen zoned. When the day people got caught, they said I do it! So I was reprimanded. No one asked my co-workers, no asked me, no one asked the night coaches, no one worked with me to see. This happened the weeks I was out. And I have been yelled at for mistakes that happen on my weekends! This is a problem throughout all the areas. We come in and the day people are not working. Also, no one is in the same library much less on the same page. We are told to do features and we come in and days has ripped down the features. If we don't do features, the night coaches will write us up; if we do put up features, our department managers will write us up.

It is a no win situation.