Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Mom Being Worked to Death

my mom works 80 to 90 hrs a week, she is told daily that her job is at stake if one thing is forgotten, she does not get a lunch, or even breaks. her district manager goes around bragging that they had the pay for new assistances cut, it’s a proud moment, they make less then minimum wage when you figure out the hrs in comparison to the wage. no wonder they take out an insurance policy on there associates, they work them to death, they die and the big profitable company gets richer while we lose those we love and charish. my father and I are trying to get her to look for another job, and hes going with her to help her job hunt next week. I hope the big wigs read this, there killing good people, family orientated my ass, my moms district manager feels that you shoul live and breath wal-mart forsaking your family, if that’s family I say no thanks, and hopefully soon so will my mom, because wal-mart we are still young and we need her, you just want to run her into the ground then disguard her like trash. I hope this gets printed, because maybe if people realize that its not just the regular associates who get jerked around but the assistance as well. thank you hopefully wal-mart free very soon.