Friday, March 24, 2006

Afro-americans or Caucasians Free To Steal at Walmart

I work in a 24/7 Walmart..Anyways...One night I was doing my work like usually(Stocking),and I see these 2 guys stealing and they knew I was watching them but still went ahead and shoved merchendise in their pockets and rushed for the door.I cut them off right after they go out the doors and told them not to to it again,

they left and cameback 10-20 mins later wanting to speak to the manager.So the manager came up to me ON THE SALESFLOOR and told me who was I to tell people what to do,specially afro-american people.I wasnt being a racist I was doing the right thing(At least I think so).I think he was the one who descriminated because he told me that because I'm Puertorican I can't tell Afro-american or caucasian or any race but prican not to steal.If I didn't see them it would be different because I would be acusing them but I actually saw them.

But Anyways I think Walmart needs to stop focusing so much on the costumer and care a little bit more for their "Assossiates" because we are the people that run walmart not some d-ckface in the main offices.We are employees and costumers.