Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Just a Gash to the Head

My brother works as an Invintory control specialist at Wal-mart 1160. The other day when working in the backroom he was accidently hit in the head with a crow bar, tearing the skin on his temple.

When he reported the accident thye made him drive himself to the docter blood gushing from his head, because managment was at lunch. They couldnt have let someone drive him?

Then to make matters worse the managment team tried to talk him out of going to seek medical attetion. But after he returned to work, a member of management WAS avaible to take him for his drug test ( which is mandatory in workers comp claims) So if hes bleeding profusly they caould not drive him. But darn right they make sure he does go for his drug test.