Saturday, March 25, 2006

Promises, Promises: Needy Children Left Cold Because of Walmart

I had to close my t shirt business because they monopolized the Hanes T-shirts I was ordering and Hanes went and started selling exclusively to walmart... up to present day.

BUT most recently they have crossed the line with me.

They are closing our 'normal' Walmart store and moving 1 mile up the road to a "super center" I went in walmart during the final days before the move to purchase cotton fabric.

I sew blankets and give them to children in need though a non profit group, The store had a sign posted that they were no longer cutting fabric since the store was in transition.

The ONLY fabrics left in the store were their infamous 1.00/yard fabrics thrown in a large bin in the center of the fabric department. I went up front and asked "T" the store manager what would become of the fabric in the back. He said, "We are not moving that fabric to our new store it will be thrown away"

So I ask him to donate it to our non profit group, he agrees and says to call him in 2-3 days. I call as instructed to find out that "T" has mysteriously sprained his back and is on a medical leave for an undetermined amount of time.... So, I thought about this over night and decided to call the store again this morning, Spoke to another woman who said "Sorry 'T' is not in the store he is giving blood today"

So... I say "Well isnt that funny how if he is on pain meds for a back injury that he would be out giving blood", she transfered me to another manager who said... "Sorry we have no fabric left... I dont know what you THINK you saw but there are no fabrics left in the old store"...

Called back another time and the same manager "F" says... "Ohhh... sorry it was a misunderstanding... one of our nearby Walmarts came and picked up all of the 1.00/yard fabric and took it to their walmart store... SO. I say "bulls--t". They would rather throw fabric in a landfill than donate it to a 501(c) nonprofit and take a tax deduction, they prefer to leave empty vacant buildings in a town they sh-t on and left us with no other shopping choices.

We have no other fabric stores... they closed, Zayres, Hills, Ames, Tresaure Island, and on and on... No where left to shop and Wal mart would rather give someone in their community the run around than donate some crappy fabric... They can kiss my ass. I will pay 10 times what I have to for my products from now on . I will not set hand or foot near another walmart again.