Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quick, Call Stephen King

This is totally creepy. There's a Wal-Mart just behind my house. One night a week ago I woke up and saw this red light on my ceiling. It was coming from the window. I went over there and looked out and the Walmart was on fire. All the windows red.

I woke my mom and we called the fire department. We watched out the window but when the fire department came they didn't do nothing. They went away again.

The red was still there in the windows. Me and my mom went out on the back yard. Maybe the sky was red my mom said and it was in the windows. It was almost MIDNIGHT. The sky wasn't red at all.

We had to go over because it was so weird. We got in the car in our pajamas and went up to the windows. There was red in there. Fire burning. But there was no smoke.

We were totally freaked out!!!! We went home and couldn't sleep. The next day we went over. It was Saturday and nothing was burnt. We just stood there looking around like we couldn't move.

The next night same thing happened again. We went over and looked in the windows. There were defanately flames everywhere but nothing burning up. But we saw something else. I did anyway. Mom says she never. There were little things floating around. They had faces that changed but they looked like babies. And they were screaming and crying.

I can't sleep now with that store glowing red all night.