Thursday, March 30, 2006

Soon, We'll All Be Speaking Wal-Mart

I work at a Wal-Mart store in Canada. I can't say where exactly for obvious reasons. They'd probably have me killed if they knew who I was because of what I know. There is a plan that I know about.

I heard the manager talking one day. He was in his office and the door was open a bit. There was a man in a uniform with him. He was whispering about an invasion. They said they almost had the whole world done. He said it was only a matter of time because everyone would be one of them and the weak and unpure would be destroyed.

Yes, he kept saying, you are the leader. I understand. We will have them all soon. Yes, Mein Furor. I understand. Of course, Mein Furor.

I watched through the crack while they stood and saluted. Their arms shot up into the air. Then the manager opened a hatch in the floorboards and man in the uniform went down into it.