Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wal-Mart Profits From Employee Death

My husband of 27 years was a Wal-Mart assistant mgr. for 10 years. The last 4 years of his life he was working 75-80 hr weeks not the 52hrs he was hired at. Wal-Mart had started seriously short staffing their stores and the workload became horrible.

The last 3 days of Mike's life I didn't see him as he had worked close to 48 hrs .

On Sept. 1999 Mike called 3 times for assistance with a large tv for a lady customer, no one was available to help. Mike took the tv out and loaded it by himself. He got 20 feet back inside the store where he had a massive heart attack from over exertion.

Mike was only 48 and had passed a physical and stress test just 5 months earlier. I took Wal-Mart to court under NH workman's comp laws and won showing his death was work related.

Last spring my attorneys told me that WAl-Mart had a secret life insurance policy on my husband with Hartford Ins. in the amount of $300,000 which they had collected on shortly after my husband died. In l993-94 Wal-Mart took out 350,000 secret life insurance policies on low level employees who also had their health insurance with them. They called these policies dead peasant policies or dead janitor policies.

When an employee died WAL-Mart collected, not the families. I was shocked and outraged.

My husband never knew Wal-Mart had a large insurance policy on him. If he had known he would have been so scared. He would have said they hope to kill a few of us off and profit from it. This is immoral and wrong. The # l Fortune 500 company had to help get there by profiting from the deaths of some of their employees. Sam Walton would be so ashamed of what happened to his company.

My husband was a wonderful man, a king, not a peasant. Just the words dead peasant and dead janitor tells you what Wal-Mart thinks of their low level employees.

The American public is becoming aware that Wal-Mart has a dark side, a very dark side, which is fueled by their greed and wanting control of the retail world. If you know of WAl-mart employees who died from l993-Jan. 2000 their families should contact the union to see if there is a classaction suit in their state on the dead peasant insurance policies.

There are families out there who lost loved ones and Wal-Mart made money on it. I am now the lead plantiff in a NH classaction suit against WAl-Mart and the life insurance companies involved. My sons and I are upset and feel betrayed by WALmart.

Please let Wal-Mart know that it is wrong to put secret life insurance policies on employees and profit from deaths.

Thank you