Monday, March 20, 2006

Walmart Special Olympics for Employees

hahaha this isnt exactly a horror story, more like something to laugh at b/c its so f-ing stupid.

well, i work at this walmart in westminster, md, and ive been there for about 3 months and so far everything is going pretty smoothly (from the stories ive been reading on your website, it looks like things could possibly get worse at my walmart), and about two months ago we had this new assistant manager start working at walmart. apparently he was about to be fired from the hampstead walmart for his incompetence, but instead he was just transferred to ours (thanks hampstead).

but anyways, there are a couple retarded moments for me to speak of. for example, around the time he started working there, he was working on a register behind mine (i was on 7, he was on 5), and while i was working and doing my cashier thing, he comes up behind me with a check in his hand and asked "which way does it go in?" he of course was referring to the autocheck. now excuse me for choice of words, but why the f--k should a lowly cashier as myself be needing to school an assistant manager on how autocheck works?

hell, even like 5 minutes later he needed me to guide him through the debit process. i was only there for about a month at that time and i picked up the whole cashiering thing fairly quickly considering they hired me with no cashiering and customer service experience, and i showed him how it was done like it was nothing. now im no genuis or anything, but shouldnt an assistant manager pretty much know the store inside out?

he also has a temper that he needs to learn to control, b/c from what ive been told, he's actually yelled at associates for being late for their breaks, when the situation at hand was way beyond their control. associates dont always get their breaks on time, and when things get really busy, sometimes they dont get their breaks for a good while.

i dont mind this b/c the later i get my breaks, the sooner i get the hell outta there. its not the associates fault that they got their break late, b/c if they just decided to get up and take their break instead of having the break given to them, they could get written up for stealing company time. and last but not least, what kind of sorry excuse for an assistant manager cant even lock the front doors of the store? oh yeah, i forgot to mention, the hampstead walmart that he worked at wasnt half as busy as the westminster walmart is.

thats almost like moving a special olympics contestant to the real olympics.