Saturday, March 25, 2006

Walmart Undermines Economy With Frivilous $6.87 Worthless Plastic Junk

It is one thing to compete, and it is another thing to play dirty.

Our company imports products from china, sells them to all independently owned stores, and last year we really got the shaft from Wal Mart. On a single day last fall during the peak shipping season we had containers coming out of china. Our shipping rep called us and told us the bad news.

Wal Mart held back a lot of their containers secretly, and then released 54,000 ocean containers in one day. Thats FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND! There is no reason in the world you would hold up your own shipments and let them all go at the last minute... Ok If you play like wal mart there is. They jammed up the shipping lines and tens of thousands of containers did not arrive by the Thanksgiving weekend to its competitors.

I had to pay and Extra $3700.00 to re-route our shipping from LA Port to Seattle, and go with the fastest ship there was to get our freight into the states prior to walmats D-Day landing of the ports. That is purely below the belt. They try to hurt their competitors.... Thousands of businesses did not get thier x-mas inventory from many vendors until mid december.

You think that was an accident? OK... lets back it up another year.

Walmart in the slow shipping season rents all the container axles they can find on the west coast. It's the slow season so all the shipping companies agreed to rent out their axles so walmart could do what ever it was they need to do with them. In the contract they had to be back by a certain date, or pay a penalty for each week they were not returned (of course there is much more to the contract but you get the idea). About November if you went our in the arizona desert you would have foudn thousands of container axles parked.

They paid the fees, and there were not near enough wheels to get shipments delivered out of ports. Once again... is this business or is this criminal? Just because it is legal does not make it right. Besides Each and every one of them have to answer to their maker, because the american people or so short term thinking that they cant see past the end of their nose.

Every ignorant wal mart shopper is casting a vote for lower standards for themself in America ultimately when they chose to set a standard of labor, price, and quality of life with each dollar they spend at wal mart.

Each dollar is a vote to lower the standard in America... the same wal martians will be screaming at the republicans when the economy colapses as but they undermined it themselves with a shopping cart. Get a Clue America. You are destroying the economy with your frivilous $6.87 worthless plastic junk from wal mart. I dont care if I have to spend ten times the price to shop at a company owned by americans....

Wal mart is NOT american. It is the 6th largest country in the world run like a medievil tryrancy of select nobility and 99.9% pesants!

WAKE UP AMERICA Dont feed the hand that bites you!!!!

Signed, Jason