Tuesday, March 21, 2006

what females they wanted to get rid of

Hi, for the last ten years I have been working for Walmart. I started in south Florida, where the customers are scary. Looking at someone the wrong way can get you cut, shot or sued.

A little over a year ago we decided to move to north Florida. The people here are great, I can't tell you how many times I've had some one hold out their hand when I'm standing up or grab for something I dropped while on the ladder. It's too bad that the managers at this store are the worst I've every seen. Morning after morning I come in to my department to find freight in bugies and break packs all over my department.

Management says such wonderful things like "guess you better get busy then." or when my endcaps had been filled with another departments merchandise. "yeah and guess whose gonna fix it"

Yes we have some real funny managers at my store. The men managers that is. After inventory they were so proud of themselves that the store manager, the male co-manager, as well as three of the male assistant managers went to the bar and drank while the female co and female assistant worked at the store. This is also the same "meeting" that they decided what females they wanted to get rid of out of the store. Yes we are all having a great time at Wally World