Monday, June 12, 2006

"life sucks...then you die... then you work at walmart

I do work at walmart... and it SUCKS , I like your site a lot, but I think you could use a better slogan, at my store (the hell hole where I work) the employees (myself included) often toss around the fraise "Every Day Low Standards"..."Always walmart".

A lady I work with once said "life sucks...then you die...then you work at walmart" my response to this was "life sucks...then you work at walmart...then life sucks more...then you kill your self" my appendage to this is "then you go to hell and work for Satan ( aka Sam Walton)...but your still glad your not working for walmart".

Thanks for a kick ass site anonymous

P.S. I'll have a boat load of sh-t to say about walmart, once I'm out'a there, and working at my new job. Sure my new job isn't as close by, but it pays WAY better and has benefits so good, it's like I died and went to Canada.