Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wal-Mart Anti-American, Santa Doesn't Exist There, Medicated Just to Go to Work, Oh, and Learn to Speak Chinese

How do you go from loving a 6 yr. long job to hating it in less than one year?

We have been told how to speak to customers like "don't tell anyone Merry Christmas" because of our muslim employees, Hello, this is America.

We were told how they wanted us to eat, only healthy, well I'm an American and I have the right to choose what I want to eat. If it kills me oh well, walmart will benefit from my death.

We are forced to work hours they want or forget having a job there. Does this sound like a family corporation or more like overseas workers? We have to wear uniforms now because we have writing on our T-shirts.

Well, I support the USA with every T-shirt I wear, does this sound like an American tradition?

If your sick now you take the chance of getting everyone sick or get fired if you miss three days in 1 year, what about the sick days we earn? Who benefits from us not being able to use them? I can tell you it is not the employees.Now they tell us we can only make so much money unless we move up in the company.

Who can afford to move up when they can send you anywhere they want. I have family who depends on me and I can't just up and leave to get a raise. Another family tradition.

I apologize to any shopper I might not be very friendly to because in the last year I have had to be put on 2 meds and possibly a third just to have a job. customers are the ones I feel sorry for because who knows maybe next week we have to learn to talk chinese and as an employee that will just be to much stress and I don't think as an AMERICAN I will take it with a smile.

Bare with us customers, we are trying real hard to smile for you but they make it harder for us everyday!