Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wal-Mart Memo to Employees: Tell the Media How Good We Are to You

I am an employee with this lovely company and have been for over 6 years. The store where I work has went downhill in the last year.

Recently management was passing out a corporate memo about some government officials in the state where we are located, which is Iowa. In the memo it talked about how these officials were going on a rampage about Wal-Mart and its corporate ethics, which they have none, in this memo the Mothership as I like to call homeoffice, stated they didn't want to influence us on how we should think, but these people were bashing Wal-Mart and therefore they were bashing us because we, the associates, were Wal-Mart and we should rally behing the mothership and tell the media how wonderful they are.


I can't even say that with a straight face. How can a company think we think their wonderful with all these lovely new "flights" and what the hell kind of mothership dumbass came up with "flights". In our store morale is so low there isn't any.

When these flights started coming out I half way agreed with the cash office decision, but the pay caps? Then the company tries to say its doing it for the benefit of us employees?

Who are they kidding! We dept. managers have been waiting for the day we get told our hours we work will change. This company doesn't care if you have children or not all they say is your availabilty is open so work it or quit. Well, six years ago my availability was open, but since then I've had a 2nd child and my husband works a swing shift job instead of owning his own business.

If they hours go they can kiss my ass goodbye I wasn't staying for the big pay!! Seeings how I don't even make poverty level. I could keep rambling but it seems every employee knows just how wonderful the mothership is!