Sunday, August 13, 2006

who visits us

Besides the thousands of everyday people who visit our site from all over the world, we have also had visits from these companies:

K-mart, Boeing, Target Corporation, Propel Software, eHarmony, Brinks, Pfizer, GM, Disney, Google, eBay, WebTV, Nintendo, Pepsi, Dow Chemical, Best Buy, Target, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, IBM, Ford, Haliburton, MSN, Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Deutsche Bank, Hewlett Packard, Hilton Hotels, Cummins Engine, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Banco de Brazil, Dell, Apple Computers, Viacom, Bank of America, General Mills, Intel, Ask Jeeves, Baker Hughes, Lockheed Martin, Britannia Airways ... and numerous others.

Oh, and Walmart, of course (on a regular basis)

We thank all our visitors for taking the time to check us out. And please remember franchises are available.