Thursday, September 28, 2006

First, They Wear You Down and Bust You Up, Then They Make You a Doorgreeter

I worked for walfart for 7.5 years and now getting the shaft. I started on maintence and work for 5 years and got my knee messed up for walking too much and pushing the scubber all of the store and the buffer so it got my knee and I can't walk that far any more or bend down on the floor.

The best part is they will not pay for it. And my back is bad now and the same there. And I'm am a doorgreeter now and they want me to stock shelves and do what ever they want me to do. I'm allso making $11.70 and they don't like me getting that, but I will say what store it is. In Mesa az ... Now they are finding a way to get rid of me and others.