Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Said in One Long Breath

To whomever controls the airconditioning of stores most especially store 592 in Derby Kansas, it would be wise to begin actually cooling the store off for the benefits of the actual workers. As the managerial staff seems to think percentages earned are a response to queries about the air conditioning issue I've taken it upon myself to seek attention elsewhere to a matter of gravest severity. With the overabundance of unwarranted freight arriving nightly, lack of employees more than likely designed to keep expenses down work has more than doubled for the staff that even bother to show up. Working as such in a limited time frame as given more exertion is needed to finish. Exertion in a store left uncooled in the summer air is a definite health risk for those who actually physically participate in stocking the shelves, as managers seemed to have abadoned the idea of assisting in the mess they incur with their inactivity. If this continues and leads to a accident or death caused by the inevitable heat stroke, rest assured that the resulting lawsuit could have been averted simply by cooling the store down for your associates. Its all we ask if you can do nothing else in your pathetic attempts at managing a disaster.