Sunday, October 08, 2006

car wreck? sick kids? who cares? just show up at work and cheer joyfully

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!all the stuff they said to us in our meeting today about we get caned if we miss 6 days ,even if your kidd is sick!!! or you are in the hospital!! and also if your late so many times your out the door even if your in a car wreck!! are u kidding me!! then we get up the door the dorky cheer and i couldnt believe the retards that were jumping around yellin the ol cheer!!

one old guy was floppin around like he won a million bucks!! geeze i guess that guy live with his mom,iam steve ive worked for walmart since 1982,ive met sam 3 times,ive worked at 4 stores, ive seen when walmart loved its workers!!

we all were family,in the past 3 years i have seen walmart go mean to its workers now ive seen the meanest thing in the past 3 months!! walmart trying to get rid of the long time worker,mothers that cant take care of the kidds now!!!

but lets all do the freakin walmart cheer!!! steve from arkansas