Tuesday, October 31, 2006

POST OF THE YEAR: Wal-Mart Witches, Union Local 1555

I was always into magic and stuff. I went to work at wal-,mart and the manager there showed me a book about witches he had. I thought it was cool. the book had witches burning on the front. And there were pictures insuide. I never saw pictures like that bvefore. They had naked women and old drawings and stuff.

He lent it to me. I read it. It was weird. But I likked it. I gave it back to him. He asked if I was interested. I didn't know what he was talking about. He never said nothing else for a while.

After a whie he asked me if I wanted to meet his friends. I said sure becausew I didn't want to get fired. He told me where to meet them. It was at his house. They were all looking at me all the trime when I was there.

Another time I went over there and he took me to the basement. There was a woman on a table there. She was naked And others had hoods. I just watched them do things to her. I couldn't believe how much I liked it.Anyway a few weeks later the manager wanted me to be on the table. I said I would. He was happy when he heard.

They all did things to me. And I let them. But then I git prrgnat and had an abortion. The doctor was one from the manager's basement. I knew it was him.the next time I saw him he was in the bsement and he had a bunch of blood and stuuff that they used. He said it was from his job. He said it was from me.

And I never went back again. I was so sick for weeks after that. It make me sick now wroiting this.

I still work at walmart. And when I see the manager. He licks his lips at me. That's just sick.