Monday, November 06, 2006

The End of Lay-Away, The End of Hope

The Macomb Illinois Wal-mart Juwst keeps treating the employees worse everyday. Will they be fireng all full timers and replace with only part time help to get out of Benifits Like our loacal K mart did???
I can tell you personally that the Wal-mart here is as dirty to thier emplyes as can be. Cutting hrs, yelling at employees on the floor trying to do the job of 10 people Because Wal_mart isnt makeing enough money Which is ridiculouse with Macomb being a college town. How stupid do they think people are???
As for customers They are stopping Lay-away??? How are people like me gonna be able to even get Christmas Presents for family and friends??? Its time people put Wal-mart in its place!!! This company need to learn however they have to that people will NOT put up with them!!!