Friday, November 10, 2006

of managers and the creeps they avoid

Let me tell you how bad Walmart sucks and how much they truely value thier assoiciates and customers. I worked at walmart for 6 years, They dont value thier people.Walmart values profit.

Ha Ha HA

Ya know all thoose commercials where people are So happy to work at Walmart? Thoose are paid actors!!!

Ya know how much Walmart Cares? I had a customer who was making me extremely uncomfterable, he was saying some pretty innappropriatye things to me, and at the same time He wanted to see a manger for some stupid reason So I Eagerly called my manger since I wanted to get rid of the creep anyways. So I paged Bob the manager on duty.

My voice was trembling, over the P.A and when I answerd the phone. "bob I said as i answere the ring "I need you over here now this gentleman request a manager and hes rather upset." the basterd manager had the nerve to say " I am busy unloading trucks it will have to wait. Mind you this customer is known for ripping us off by distracting cahiers ( I was in Electronics and I was waiting on him at the register.)

I finally got rid of the creep on my own. When Bob heard of it he made it sound as if he was way to busy for customers and assoictaes I guess getiing that merchindise out to the floor to sell and make all kinds of money is way to supieror to the saftey,integerty,a general needs of the shoppers and assoictaes.

A manger at this same store made an employee work off the clock!!!

Walmart likes to give holiday pay?? yea they cut ur hours to amke up for it..

Do i sound a wee bitter maybe so..