Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feel Free to Steal Anything under $25 at Walmart. No charges will be laid. Merry Christmas!

I work for Walmart in Columbus OH.....I know why the store did not pursue the person pick pocketing the customer. As of about 6 months ago Walmart got rid of the Loss Prevention Dept(Store Security).

Walmart said they were wasting to much money on pressing charges against people who would steal anything under $25.00 then the person would just have to pay a fine and that is it. They will have to have been cught 3 times stealing before charges will get pressed against them. They would no longer be allowed in the store.

So because of this and it was done in Walmart....Walmart would have to file the charges on behalf of the customer since it was done in the store and according to Walmart that just takes to much time and money. That is probably why they would not help the customer.