Friday, December 01, 2006

No Family Or Friends? The Cult of Wal-Mart Wants You!

I used to be a manager at a Walmart store and its not all that’s its cracked up to be! Most Walmart managers don’t care about the associates and the ones that do get fired!

I worked for Walmart for 5 years and was forced into management or I would lose my job! You have to go through 17 weeks of training by yourself and they expect you to master the ins and outs of Walmart!

After your training they throw you in a store and expect you to improve everyone and everything. All the store manager cares about is money! I consistently heard if this store doesn’t have a good inventory I will not get my 45,000-dollar bonus and mind you the associates are lucky to get a bonus and most of the time it’s a few hundred dollars.

They start everyone out at the lowest pay possible and inform him or her about all the incentives they offer, just to get people in the door. They expect you to be there 80-100 hours a week and you are on salary so they work you to the bone!

I guess all in all Walmart is a good place to work if you have no family or friends, but if you do I suggest looking elsewhere for a job, unless you like to be screwed over by big corporate companies!