Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rest in Peace RB

I have to tell the story of one of my fellow associates. I will tell anyone who will listen.

About five years ago before Christmas, there were a bunch of shopping carts in the parking lots and they called for all the associates to go out and collect them.

One of our older associates who was retired and just working for the insurance, was ordered to go out and push carts even though there were much younger and stronger guys to do the job.

Well after pushing the carts for about an hour in the cold, the associate went to the breakroom to sit down to rest and catch his breath, mind you he's in his 60s; he slumped over on the table. The other associates thought he was playing but one noticed he was still and turned him over, checked him and started aministering CPR.

Well, good ol' Walmart got the EMTs on the scene and the next day announced that the associated died ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL when in fact he died in the breakroom.

In true Walmart form, they will do anything to keep a lawsuit off of their butts than to hone up to their responsibility.

I never found out if his family believed that lame story but i do know everyone that worked that day knew the truth.

If Any one thinks this is a made up story, talk to any of the lifers at store 9 and they will tell you.

Rest in Peace RB.