Monday, January 01, 2007

SMILE, SNAP, FLASH: Walmart Violates Federal Copyright Law

I don't know if you know this but in our photo center you can make copies of pictures as long as they are not professional pictures. However, if you get a copyright release from the studio then you can. Well a customer came in the other day and wanted to make copies of professional pictures and the associate explained to the women that if you do not have the copyright release we can not do it.

Welll the customer had a fit and was yelling at the associate saying she wanted her pictures and she will get them. The associate calmly kept telling her that we can not do it if she did not have her release. Well the women wanted a manager. Management knows this.

Well the manager came out and as always made the associate look stupid and told the customer they can do it this one time.

The women looked at the associate and said "See I told you". According to the associate she reminded the manager that they were breaking a federal copyright law.

Well a few months back an associate's sister had passed away and had asked if she could make copies of her sister which was a professional picture too and was told no. So see because we work for walmart management holds that against us because we know better ,but when it's a customer it's ok. So how is that fair? Management will do anything to please a customer but won't take care of their own.

So if you want a copy of a professional picture and you are told no then just yell and ask for a manager. You can do this at store # 2726 in Ohio.