Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Walmart with its green face and little scrawny dog

I work for a Walmart in Ohio. All customers had until the 8th of December to get thier Layaways out and the employees were given until the 15th to get thiers out.

Well after the 8th mangers went in and just started cancellling layaways and not paying attention to which layaway was a customer and which was an employee.

If your layaway was in a box it was supposed to be marked with an A. Well several employees including myself layaway's got canceled and put back on the shelf. I went to get it out on the 15th it was gone. I had items that I had placed in 2 months prior and we no longer sold the item.

I was very upset this was christmas presents that I could not get back. So I went to the manager that was supposedly the one who did the canceling and of course the blame was put on someone else. Then I went to that person and they said they didn't do it. So the buck got passed around which is not unusual for management. Of course being employees you would think that they would try to do something for us.............not on your life.. all you got was a sorry.

They didn't offer us another solution or anything. Yeah and we are supposed to be a walmart family and show team work....HA! What a Joke.