Friday, February 09, 2007

Cracked in the Head by a 75lb. Digging Iron. Walmart's Machine is Faulty, But Walmart is Not Responsible

I am a department manager for wal-mart and i was injured on the job. I have been with wal-mart since 2002. Before this injury i though the world of wal-mart and i would have done anything to get promoted. that was until i was injured!

First let me tell you how i was hurt. All wal-mart stores have a cardboard Baylor and ours was not operating correctly.(All management was aware of this) So one morning it st oped working and a manager asked me and another associate if we would remove the bail of cardboard. As we were doing this a large 75lb. digging iron cracked me in the middle of the head. I was knocked unconscious and flown to the hospital.

I went back to work two-weeks later. They told me that i was not going to be paid for the time i was off. They also told me that if i wanted to use my vacation, sick, or paid time off i could. Well i knew better then this. So i then got looked at by another doctor and i have been off work for over 4 months.

Lets just say that wal-marts workers comp. did not make my life any easy er that's for sure.

Since i have been off i have lost two apartments, and was sleeping in my car for a few days. All of my bills went to collections. And really made my life so darn depressing.

This was all because they would not pay me for 6-9 weeks at a time. So why wold i want to work for a company that does this to a loyal employee?