Friday, February 16, 2007

More Walmart Slave Stories, So Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...

I've been working at a Wal*Mart In Indiana for 10 years now and I'm a Department Manager. I've seen a lot and have done a lot.

When you do what they want you to do you will be alright and no matter how you act or what you say is alright. But once you start voicing your own opinion and doing what's really right then you become a liability.

I've cussed people threatened people thrown things but all that was over looked as long as I did my job and preached what they preach. But once I stopped that and started having my own opinion all that stopped.

I have been demoted twice and fired twice but the only reason I'm still there is because the way I work and because Wal*Mart has hired and fired people more than once. Wal*Mart is a great place to work if you are thick skinned and really good at playing the BS game, but it's nothing like the TV ads show because the people do make the difference but they sure pay the price.

And the people who work at Wal*Mart do live pay check to pay check. So if your looking for a job and don't mind being cussed at, treated like you can't think for yourself, and like to have your ass treated like a number and not a person who can think then we welcome you always.......................just don't back talk for your promotion. It's a lot of Do what I say....................not as I do because I'm better than you.