Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Cameras in the Photo Centre, Happy Snoozing

I have been working for walmart for 2 years now and i love my job. i work overnights. there is another emlpoye that all she does is sleep. and take 2 hour luches.

but managers dont want to listen to me. been to upper management and they just laugh and say she would not do that. well she hides in the photo center in the front of the store. there are no cameras there. so how do i expose this. cause i am the one getting in trouble if something is not done.

what do i do.

i am not the only one seeing this and the other people are scared to say anything. management just tells us to deal with it.well i am tired of doing that.it just sucks there is no open door at this store. we have a new store manager that does not know what he is doing. and this store is going down the tubes.