Monday, February 26, 2007

No Honeymoons at Walmart. That's right, zipper up and slowly back away from the marriage bed.

I've worked at Wal mart #706 for 3 years. Through the years things have just gotten worse.

I had to change my availability around just for them because they didn't want to work with me on my college!! They don't care. The want a lifer to work for them like some stupid zombie.

The deli at this store had an outbreak of lysteria. I and a few other..almost all of the fresh area side got sick from lysteria. Wal Mart denied it being the cause of us being sick. And now if we miss more than three days we have to take a leave of absence what the hell is that??

Soon as bonus time comes..if we get one!!! I'm gone. They won't even give me my honeymoon off because it doesn't fall within their time frame of what they want!!

I am one person not twelve!! Nobody will miss me for two weeks! Promise.