Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Geez, I Wonder Why Walmart Needs a Union?

I was put into a department manager position, after receiving none of the training I was promised.

Every time I approached a manager with an issue, they either told me not to worry about it, told me they were busy, or even turned the issue back onto me and got me in trouble for it.

One manager gave me his password and made me do his job and my own. I soon stepped down, and went to third shift. Well, first I was told to do nothing but clean.

Then, I got screamed, yelled and cussed at for doing so. THEN I started stocking, as per all the yelling and cussing. I got yelled at for that. Then a co manager walks up to me while I’m OFF THE CLOCK and starts cussing me out.

I called home office, regional team, district team, tried talking to the store manager. Even after all that, nobody did a thing to him.

He has since cussed me out several times while I was in there shopping, and I reported it, and it was once again ignored. So I send an email to all the regional guys, etc. and told them I simply wasn’t ever working and/or shopping for such a nasty place ever again. And I left.