Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wal-Mart Buys Off & Subsequently Silences Walmartsucks.com (Remember, we are .org)

I know what happened with the walmartsucks.com.

I am a student in the IB program and it is all explained quite nicely in our textbook. I will however, summarize for you.

The guy who started up walmartsucks.com was some guy who was a harley fanatic but he also collected beanie babies. He filed about twelve million complaints that the employees were buying up all the best collectible toys before they hit the shelves and long story short, nothing was done about it.

He got so p-ssed off that he started walmartsucks.com. Wal-Mart tried to sue him for bashing the company but he would have won because he's not using their logo and crap.

Eventually, they settled for him handing the website over to them. And that's what happened.