Monday, April 16, 2007

Walmart Junked His Car. But, Hey, The Good News Is: Sales Are Up

I took my car in to the Wal-Mart automotive center in Lawrence, KS. The incorrect oil filter was installed on my car, which led to a massive oil leak, and ultimately to my engine blowing.

Wal-Mart admitted fault and referred me to their claims division, CMI, which offered me NADA value for the car, a 1982 Toyota Celica. The cost of replacing the vehicle with a comparable one far exceeded the offered amount, but I was told by CMI that it would be wrong of them to pay me any more than what the car was worth according to NADA standards.

My point is that the NADA value is based upon an actuarial table that relies primarily on what I would get if I junked the vehicle, not what the vehicle was worth at a fair market price in this area. I cannot replace the vehicle for the settlement I am being offered.

Unfortunately, legal precedent supports Wal-Mart, as it is commonly accepted that NADA or Blue Book values are appropriate for such claims. So Wal-Mart not only destroys my car and refuses to reimburse me with an operational vehicle of comparable value, or offer an amount that would allow me to do so, but they managed to do so as smugly and condescendingly as possible.