Friday, May 18, 2007

It Must Have Been A Very Very Very Small Child

Walmart near Austin Texas.

I was looking for a product in a walmart, when I could not find it and could not find a competent clerk to help me I decided to leave. As I approached the door, the security guard told me that I could not leave because it was a code whatever. Apparently someone had lost their child.

As a parent I can understand how scary this can be. Never the less, I became infuriated. As someone wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I obviously was not concealing a child on my person.

I told the guy to get the f--k out of my way and exited through the fire exit door. Of course setting off the fire alarm and alerting police. The cops showed up and stopped me as I left the parking lot. I was taken to the station, printed and processed, held for 6 hours and released with a citation.

I think I'm going to sue somebody, probably walmart and the cops.