Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Last of the Unloaders

Hello My name is M. T (changed), and I have a horror, perhaps epic, about Wal Mart. I work at a Wal-mart in Texas.

I guess my work history and a bit about me. I am legally blind, my left eye's visual aquity is 20 over 200 and the right one is 20 over 300-400 depending. I graduated from college with a degree in computer science, being that I cannot drive and work outside my job opportunities are very limited.

By the way I am an albino and have sensitive skin, and my eyes are sensitive to light and it is true, my hearing is very acute. I am 26yrs old, I worked for my mom, when we had a restaurant, from age 14-18, I didnt work while in college from age 18-23, once graduation I held few jobs. First I continued working from my internship at a computer shop (inside wal mart by the way) for about a year.

I next worked at home for about 3yrs taking calls, I grew tired of it, being that I never saw people nor interacted with people. I live in a smalltown where jobs are very limited, I refuse to move to a big city, where I know I could get a good computer job because of fear of safety due to pending economic callapse. Reason being, where is it safer when the economy callapses and water and food are scarse? Small town.

I work as an Unloader! Thats right, I wanted to work in electronics being that I know a thing or two about TVs, computers etc. I informed them of my visual handicap, they didnt care. Now, I can work laborwise, it is limited being that extreme heat and the sun will hurt me big time.

From what I have been told we are supposed to have 8-10 unloaders working, we are now down to 2! When I first arrive, 2 months ago, we had 5. There is an african american navy personel, who just came back from knee surgery, he works only 3 days a week, and doesnt move fast.

We HAD 2, 18yrolds, they quit just recently. One had a bad wrist and the other started to have back problems, he never reported them, nor did wal mart care when he complained. We had a very slow older gentlemen, he is 50yrs old and an unloader! The conditions are VERY unsafe, I reported a possible broken finger when I hit on the rail inside the truck.

When I first arrived I wanted a back brace, they never gave me one for 2 weeks until I started to complain about my lower back hurting. They said "why didnt you ask for one to begin with"?

They moved the slow 50yr old to overnight maitenance, and the two 18yr olds quit and so now its down to me. I am the only one.

I will continue this email if you wish, my stomach is hurting, sorry.