Saturday, June 09, 2007

Walmart Makes Employee Fill Out Forms While Squirting Out Blood

Here are some of the issues I have had in the 2 years I worked for wallyworld:

Was not trained in any of the positions I worked, then punished for not doing them correctly. I begged and pleaded with managers that told me they would help to actually do so, and they turned me away.

I have been cussed at, called names, been talking down to, degraded, and had produce tables knocked over in the floor by a co manager having some sort of mental episode, and nothing was ever done to him, despite me going through all the steps of the open door policy.

The open door policy is a joke, which I have tried to use in the past. I have since just given up on it, as the managers involved just seem to turn the issue around on you, and get you in trouble for being harassed by someone else.

One manager tells you to do something, then another writes you up for what the other manager said to do.

I was told by management that as department manager, I was required to work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day if necessary. I actually did this for awhile, until I felt that I was going to go crazy. Then I did for a while longer. I would literally go home crying every day from stress. It got to the point of me wanting to commit suicide before I stepped down.

An assistant manager gave me his password and username because he was incapable of using them himself. I was forced to do orders, finalize them, and do his paper work, because he threatened to fire me if I didn’t. when I went to him for help, he told me if he had to answer my questions, he didn’t need me.

I had a small accident at work involving a knife. Once I had my finger SEWED BACK ON I was made to come back and work the rest of the shift, with my finger barely hanging together. But that’s not all. When I first had the accident (where I severed my finger) they made me sit down and fill out paperwork for over an hour about taking drug tests, the whole thing was my fault, blah blah blah. I was squirting blood all over myself and they had me filling out paperwork!!!!!

Out of 17 managers or so, I can only think of about…..2 that have not flat out assaulted me either verbablly or other. I’m seriously thinking about sueing the living crap out of either the company or the specific managers who are in offense. Peace!!!!