Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Wal-Mart Is Made Of


"I just had an absolutely disgusting experience at your Northampton, MA store. Due to construction the men's bathroom is unavailable and been temporarily replaced by a portable toilet in front of the store.

Apparently your company is too incompetent and/or cheap to make sure this toilet is kept clean and emptied regularly, as the toilet was overflowing into the parking lot, with a continuous stream of effluent running across the path of customers coming and going on a hot sunny day.

People were actively tracking this mess into your store.

I had to load my family back into the car and move to a different parking spot just to be able to enter the store for an important purchase, so my 3 young children would not have to walk through urine and feces just to shop Walmart.

Comments made to employees, including one manager, were met with responses like "that's the kind of company this is." I tended to agree already, as you are clearly unwilling to invest $ in such basic upkeep as repairing broken carts (virtually every shopping one there squeaks, clunks or rattles in some way, and are ALWAYS put away without the slightest effort to clean out any junk left behind by previous customers).

Also, how hard is it to replace the checkout belt dividers when they are lost, so my order is not confused with other customers'--which has happened to me more than once?

At any rate, I have called the Board of Health about your nauseating toilet situation and encouraged them to shut down your cesspool of a store and fine you heavily for your negligence.

I will never patronize any of your locations again (Target is a far better corporate citizen and a much more pleasant shopping experience--for prices at most 1% higher), and I plan to tell everyone I think will hear just how apathetic you obviously are about the conditions your customers face in your store."