Friday, August 17, 2007

Wal-mart Says: You're All Better. Pain? What Pain? We Don't Feel a Thing.

On March 26, I was stocking overnight and the merchandise I was stocking fell from a shelf striking me across my chest and right shoulder.

I have done everything Wal-mart has asked. I have seen the doctors they have sent me to etc..... they have now decided that I am at maximum recovery. They evidently paid Dr. P in Wichita, Kansas completely off.

After my visit with him when he did a range of motion that he caused so much pain that it caused me to cry out. His report also claimed that I have carpal tunnel in my right hand 3%. It doesn't bother me to sit and type or plays games on the computer for hours. (? I thought that was one of the things that carpal tunnel affected. He decided that it was psychological, then when my attorney asked that the courts send me for testing, Dr. P made an addendum report stating that my emotional state was preexisting.

I can't stand to have my small children sit on my right side because my arm goes numb and it hurts too much. Sure Wal-mart has sent me to Physical therapy, but the therapist felt that there was something else more serious going on.

I couldn't work with the medicine ball without excruiating pain. I also have lumps the size of golf balls that occasionally roll up and down my arm. My family and friends have witnessed some of them.

The good Dr. says that is gandluer cysts. So at 44 does this mean that I have to live the rest of my life being a predominatly right handed person who can't do many of the activities with my family because of an accident that took place at Wal-mart? Apparently they are big enough to decide who gets the needed treatment and who has to suffer.

I thought Wal-mart stood for something, I just didn't know it was to screw its people at every opportunity. I am not willing to live only half a life because Wal-mart has decided. I am just not sure how to heal myself, if this is supposed to be psychological. Is there any Dr's. in Wichita who are not paid off that are willing to stand up to this corporate monster?