Friday, August 17, 2007

Wal-Mart Training Manual: Clean Up Poop 15 Minutes After Notice is Given

recently my wife and i were in the newton iowa walmart and while i had two small purchases i still use a checker instead of the self checkout. my wife said she had to use the restroom while i was in line and since it was not far away from the checkstand i was at , i saw her talking to one of wal marts elite to let her be aware that someone had defecated on the floor in the womans bathroom and had to explain to the young lady that meant poop on the floor two to be exact.

the young girls reply to my wife was oh no ,no one will be in to clean it up for another 15 minutes.

did i miss something or is it quite possible the girl did not understand what she had been told. i work for hyvee and if someone told me about this it would be cleaned up right away.

my wife told me lucky she didnt slip on it and i said if she had we would sue wal mart. come on wal mart trian your employees to d the right thing ,get in there and clean that poopie up.