Friday, September 28, 2007

At Wal-Mart, Satan's Rules Rule

I worked at the walmart in my home town of Greenwood, indiana in 2001. When I started there, they made all the new employees sign a section in the employee hand book saying that they would follow the rules.

Following instructions, I signed and turned it in to the personell office. I should have known that my new job was run by satan himself. On the day of my orientation, I went to have lunch at the cafe that is now a mainstream restaurant. The food was nasty. The burger was half cooked, the fries were dry and crispy, it it was over priced. My real stay in hell was just begining.

I worked in the toy department until december fourteenth of that year. During my first week, I asked the store manager if I could keep my expensive sued jacket in the personell office so it wouldn't get stolen. He looked at me and said "Well if I let you do it, then I'll have to let every associate do it now won't I." in a really rude tone. I could tell he didn't like me. then there were these computer tests that we had to take. every time I would sit down to take one, I would get in trouble for not doing my job. I was always left to work the entire department by myself and was poorly trained.

On my last day, the department manager along with the store manager and afew others who found me "Unacceptable" started doing things to get me in trouble. the time came when a customer needed me to get one of the bikes off of the top rack and bring it up to the register. I followed procedure and fuond one of the managers on duty so I could tell her where I was going. She said " No. hu uh. We're going to have a talk about your performance. you're never where you're supposed to be and you never do what you're told." This was coming from the manager who told me I had excellant customer service skills. I told her I was tired of being mistreated and left. I never said that I quit.

On the way home, I was in a major car accident in which my car was totaled and I almost died. I went back shortly after that to get my last pay check. I was given a piece of paper to sign and noticed it said I was terminated for insubordination. I asked the manager who had repremanded me why it said that and she ignored me and locked herself in the cash office.

Needless to say, if sam walton was alive today, he would be giving managers like that the pimp hand for being so stupid.