Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer #3, Wrongful Dismissal After 9 Years Devoted to Wal-Mart


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Millsboro De is where i live and The store is 2791 Georgetown De

My story i have worked with walmart from May 1998 to August 3 2007.....Things started with a new Assistant Manger who they now call the terminater......She came in got freindly with everyone and keep saying she was there to help us get our front end together.... I was a customer Service Manger . Yes we did have a lot of people who were coming to work when they wanted to workrd the shifts they wanted to and called out every other day .....We wanted those people to shape up .........I was dedicated to Walmart i worked sick just so i wouldnt cause anyone to be put out or cause problems ......Prior to August 3rd i had worked 2 days so sick i all but passed out on That wednesday it was so bad everyone keep telling me to leave before i actually passed out . I worked as long as i possable could .Went to the assistant Mgr asked her could i leave and go to the Dr...She said yes and i told her that i would return when i was done ...Well i went My Dr said i had a very bad infection virus and said i could not work for at least a week . I went back to Walmart so sick i could barely drive but i kept my word about returning . I went to my supervisor which they always said follow chain of command .And told her and showed her my Dr note and said i was going to pick up the leave of absence packet to have filled out when i went back to the Dr ......She said ok and she went to the assistant manager in guestion and told her ....

When i left the HR office i peeked into the office they both were in conversation and looking at schedules to rearrange for coverage while i was out . I stood there they knew i was there . By then i was feeling so bad i walked away . I had done what i was suppose to .Well i was out for a week went back August 1 2007 and work 2:30-11:30 i worked the same shift the next day August 2 2007 and on the third day i worked 10:30 to &:30 ...i had worked more than half a day when i was called into the office and told i was being terminated for missing seven days . which was the seven days i was on leave of absence . I couldnt belive it ....

They tried to say i didnt turn in paper work and i said yes i did i did what we always do . Bring it back to the HR associate she takes it and has it signed by management . I was then informed that they couldnt go back in and change it in the computer once it is in it was done and there was nothing they could do .i asked why was it put in as unexcused in the first place ......I waited almost a month for unemployment because they said i left early from work on August 1 2007 without permisson . Not so . They gentleman at Uemployment said that was what they told him . He said he had to investigate more ....A few days later a recieved a letter from them granting my unemployment . In other words you cant unexcuse someone on Leave of Absence .