Saturday, September 01, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer Who Will Take On Wal-Mart (contact email under post)

I was a co-manager for Wal-Mart for 5 years. I was fired on Tues the 28, 2007. They are falsely accusing me of stealing $2000.00. It was just a coincidence that I was on a LOA for 3 months. They told me I had to go back to work or loose my job.

My Dr. finally signed a note saying I could go back 1/2 days, they would not accept that it had to be a full day. I showed up to work Tues morning and they fired me.

On June ?, 2007 I G... (name removed) was working the closing shift at the Wal-Mart on Grayson Rd in Harrisburg. That shift was from 5pm-10pm. Sometime that evening I was called to the service desk to handle an upset customer about a return she wanted to do a return on, (this is something I do on a daily basis).

To the best of my knowledge the items she wanted to return were DVD movies 5 or 6 of them I believe. I asked the customer when she purchased them I think she gave me a date and I wrote down the upc codes from the movies and went into the accounting office, which is divided into 2 rooms. I sat down and tried to log in and I was on another terminal some where else in the building and it would not let me log in.

I checked next door and ? (name removed) was working in the accounting office counting out deposits. I asked her if she would mind pulling up the electronic journal to see if this customer had purchased these items on that date. She pulled the screen up and this process can take up to 10 mins to pull up a trans action.

I had just came back from having surgery on my elbow. While we were waiting for the transaction to pull up I leaned up against the back wall behind ? I went to open the safe because I thought I might have a check stub in there from being on my LOA. I opened the safe and picked up the chesks that were in the bottom half of the safe.

The only checks that were in there were for Assistant manager ? and ?. I then look at a pouch on the safe door. It was full of cards. I pulled all the cards out to see what they were and if there was any numbers on them to call those customers and let them know we have there card.

This is something that the account office associates, managers and CSM can do for the customer. I was not out of line by checking the safe. I shut the safe shortly after that and then the transaction had pulled on the terminal. These items had not been purchased. I went out to tell the customer I would not due her return unless she had a receipt. She got mad and left.

I then went walking around the store checking on how everyone was doing. I heard a page for management to talk a call on one of the lines. When I picked up the call it was a customers very upset about her experience with Wal-Mart that evening.

She explained to me that she was on register 13 and the cashier on 14 were discussing very loudly and ignoring the customer. They were saying that , that a certain associate should not be doing that they need to claim workman’s comp. The customer was very offended by this. I had asked the CSM;s to try and find out who was on those 2 register, I went down to the loss prevention office to try and look up the camera shot on those 2 registers.

I am not very good at looking things up on the older VCR recorders. I wrote my self a note to have ? (name removed) look it up for me. When I left the office I headed up front to see if they needed any help. I did not see any CSM’s. I then looked into the podium to see if they needed any change, (also something that I do often to help them out up front) at that time they looked ok but I went ahead and took 3 $100.00 bills to get them more ones and quarters, something that they use a lot of.

As I headed into the account office the service desk told me there was a customer how had a bunch of clothing she wanted to return had no pink sticker and no receipt. I asked her when she purchased them and she gave me a date. I took the clothing into the office along with my change order.

I pulled up the electronic journal, which again takes time to access, I then started to process my change order. When I walked into the office ? was not present, she was on break or lunch, but she had left the safe door open.

She has been warned about leaving the safe open when she is not in the room. I then went and started getting ones, and every pack I was picking up and not been broken down into stacks of twenties yet. When they come in from the armored car that are that way. We have to break them down into bundles of twenties and then make them a bundle of one hundreds.

I got my ones and put them in the change order bag and then I turned around and got quarters off of the wall behind me. This is where we get change that is broken down from the boxes that come from the armored car.

By this time the electronic journal had pulled up and it did not show that any of the customers clothing was bought on that day. I had too many ones so what I had pulled out extra I put in the cash drawer where we keep change for cft’s and travel money and thing of that nature. I took my change order and the clothing out to the service desk and explained to the customer that she did not purchase them on that day. She changed her story and said someone else had bought them. All she wanted to do was to exchange for a different size. I told her I would do that.

Then I proceeded to the podium and put my change order away. I then had left the front end and I believe I went to unload a truck that had come in. My overnight management had come in and I started to walk with them. ? was concerned that his schedule had been changed and he was not notified of this.

He had no one to watch his son Friday night. I was going on vacation starting when I got off work on Friday at noon. I told ? that if he could not find anyone to work it that I would come in and close that evening for him.

I had left around 10pm and told him to call me at anytime and let me know if I had to work for him or not. He finally called around 2 or 3am and said that co-manager ? (name removed) was going to work for him. I got up that morning and came into work around 8am. At that time assistant manager told me that the accounting office is missing $2000.00 dollars.

The first thing he did was recount the room several times. I asked him when was the room last balanced, he said that ? had balanced the room around 10:30pm right as the o/n shift was coming in. She said and wrote down that the room was balanced when she counted it.

The o/n shift counted it at 6:30am and that is when they noticed that they were short the $2000.00 dollars. I then called ? who is our Market asset protection manager and then call store manager ? ,and finally ? who is our Asset protect for in the store.

She came in and I discussed with her about how the evening went last night, and that I had found the safe left open again by ?.

?started doing research. At noon I was leaving for the day. Later that evening I had remembered that I did not give ? the information about the registers 13 and 14. I called her up at work and stated that in my office in my box is the time that the customers was here and what register she was on, and asked her if she would not mind looking that up for me and I would deal with it when I came back from vacation.

I then asked her about the $2000.00 dollars and if they had any new information on it. She stated no not at this time. Were are going to see if it turns up the next business day. And that was the last time I spoke with her until just a few weeks ago.

I had asked if she could make a copy of a tape onto a dvd for me from an accident that had happen Dec 2 2006 at which time a customer had hit me in the head with a scooter and we are waiting on a court date for Sept 10 2007. She said she would try but wasn’t sure if she could, and that was the end of our conversation.

I was called by ? on Mon the 27th of Aug. She had stated to me that I had been out of work for over 90 days and that if I was not able to come back to work full time I would loose my position as co-manager and that when I was able to come back if there was a co-manager position I could apply for that.

I went to my Dr. and asked to write me a note saying I could go back to work so that I would not loose my job. I went into work on Tuesday the 28th and was there for around 45 mins and was called into the loss prevention office and was accused of steeling the $2000.00 on June ? 2007. ? and ? were present. ? did all of the talking. She accused me of lying to her and that she knows I took the money.

She refused to let me look at the tape. She then stepped out of the office with ?. Came back in about 10 mins later. She asked me one more time if I wanted to admit to anything and if I would write a statement of what I told her and then they fired me do to an integrity issue they called it.

I have worked for this company for over 5 years and have never been accused or treated by anyone the way I was treated that day.

(email address removed by request)