Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking For a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #4, Herniations Miraculously Disappeared


Lorne L. Fox, Livingston, TX.
llfoxman (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

My wife has 2 herniated discs, a crushed bursa @left hip, carpal tunnel left wrist, and a her pelvis is all jacked up from a slip and fall two F-ing years ago!! She is in such pain daily that she is only good for a few hours in the morning.

They refuse to fix her and…get this shit…her herniations miraculously disappeared on last MRI…is it a coincidence that it was THEIR doctor?

I need my wife back…the active, fun, charismatic woman she used to be…not this despondent, bitter shell of who she once was.

My kids need their mother back as well…we can’t really do things as a family anymore because there is nothing she can do. I am terrified for her. The amount of pain she is in 24/7 is more than anyone should ever have to bear. It makes me feel so worthless knowing that I can do absolutely nothing to help her. Please help.

For the longest time all we wanted was for her to be indemnified…this is no longer the case. I want a bad-ass, bloodthirsty, wicked son-of-a-bitch…someone not scared or intimidated.

My wife is a wonderful lady…she deserves SO much better. She busted her ass for them and this is what she gets?

I was recovering from brain cancer when she went to work as a “greeter in the oil/lube shop in Livingston, TX. Shortly thereafter she was changing oil. Your wife, you say? Yessir, my wife. She was willing to bust ass to make ends meet. I was disabled at the time and that doesn’t pay jack. They used her up and dropped her like a lead balloon. People are supposed to be more than just an expendable commodity…We really need help if she is ever to get better.