Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking For A Lawyer To Sue Wal-mart #10, Store Manager Pulls Sticker Off Unit

Lawyers in the Orange, CA area
please contact: Ayda Waldez

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My name is Ayda Valdez

Just recently I had went into a Wal-Mart store to return a xbox360 that my husband had bought just the night before.. When he took the game cube home it would not work... So the next morning I went to return the item with the recite ..

after being at the return counter while the looked over the box.. then Wal-Mart assoc turned to me and said that I was not returning the unit that was bought the night before.. he said that the unit clearly looked older then 8hrs..

He went on to show me were the serial number is ,It is on a sticker he said that it clearly looks as if the sticker had been pilled and replaced ..I was in shock ..not only did I not know that the serial number was but that even it was a stinker.. Never owning another xbox.. I could not believe what I was be accused of...

I ask that he please pull a new unit and show me because the unit to me looked new and I could still not even tell that it was a sticker... the sales associate left to my belief he was going to pull a new box to show me.. after a bit a different woman walks up to me and says that I can not return the item.. I then asked to speak to a store manager...

after a bit the store manager comes up and starts to look at the unit... then the first assto comes back and he looks at the store manager with out saying anything the store manager looks at me and says sorry you can not return the unit...

I asked why he said that the unit is clearly older then what the recite says the serial number matches but they said I had swapped the unit.. straight out accused me I was so surprised... I asked if they can just check to see if maybe it had been return...The store manager refused... I asked if they can show me a new unit again..Store manager said no he did not have to.. I asked him well at this time what can I do.. I am stuck with this unit that I had just bought with you guys that does not work... He said let me explain to you what you did... He (the store manager) then pulled the sticker completely off my unit and said see this is the sticker and this is what you did...

I was so unset I asked Oh My God.. What are you telling me know what can I do... Then he put all my stuff with the unit back in the box and said you can leave my store.. And dont try to take it any were else I will notify all the Wal-Mart's in the surrounding area.. I am still blown away at what I have been accused of.. I then called x-box and explained what had happen.. and when telling them the store.. They tell me because the sticker was removed that it voids all warranty so they now also refuses to repair it with out a fee..

I fell that Wal-Mart just passed judgment and accused me of something that had never happened.. I believe that if someone who knows can see that the unit is NEW and someone clearly passed judgment....I want to see if I can take legal action... Please help

Ayda Valdez