Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking for a lawyer to sue Wal-mart #11, Wal-mart's Supposed Contempt for Jews

Lawyers in the Kingman, Arizona area
please contact:

hboyer (at) frontiernet (dot) net

I was an employee of the Hallmark card company until 11/17/07. Hallmark which is a privately held corporation located in Kansas City, Mo. leases space in Wal-Mart stores to display and sell their greeting card products. Hallmark does not hire Wal-Mart employees to retail their product. We Hallmark employees are jobbers at the Wal-Mart stores.

Today I came in to work Saturday 11/17/07 after assessing the products I would need to have to stock the shelves, I proceeded to the storeroom to load a shopping cart and do the job as I had been instructed by my supervisor from Hallmark card company.

I was immediately stopped by a older woman and a younger man they said they were supervisors the woman a store manager the guy a security person from the warehouse dept.

I was told I could not use a shopping cart to move product to the sales floor. I tried to explain that the shipping cart they said I must use would not work since we have unboxed product and do not stock case loads of greeting cards at a time on shelves.

And I said I would do the job as I was taught until I am told by my boss differently.The security guy pointed at my Star of David and said " You People always push things" I took that as a discriminatory insult to my Jewish Race and Religion.

He then said you will do the job the Wal-Mart way or not at all. I said ok not at all he said " You are fired get out of the ware house this minute now!

I walked out off the job.

Can a employee of a jobber that leases space for their company actually be fired by the other company management?

Lets say you rent shelf space for your company from Wal-Mart and you stock it and hire your own employees that have no relation to Wal-Mart then one day Wal-Mart wants to change how you do your job and they start to bully your employees and then actually fires one of your employees. Can they do that?Can they ban your employee from access to the spaces were your employee works? And then discharge that employee.

That is what happened to me.

I urge all of you parents out there to tell your children that Santa had a heart attack this year and can not make it to your house. But MOMMY & DADDY love you and will get you a present that does not come from Wal-Mart. And if you are a Christian believer then think of my experience and that the Wal-Mart Corporate culture is one of contempt for Jews and remember Jesus was Jewish so they hate him too.

Please can there be a Attorney out there to take my case.