Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wal-mart's Plans: 80% Part Time and 20% Full Time Staff, Wal-Mart Letting go 25% of Staff

let me start off with I am a 4 year veteran of wal-mart, worked at 4 different stores in the district, not by choice. I have had a great record of employment in those 4 years. I am dedicated to my job, not the companies cause, for most of them are bogus. I was 4 months ago employed at the wal-mart in Ohio.

Bentonville decided to close Trootwood do to the economic features of the area, and the flop of the new Englewood super center store (1504). I feel the company had the right to do as they see fit in this situation, regarding lying to the public and the local city and its employees about why. In the closing all employees we given the chance to take lesser jobs at local stores. The employees that had time in were given a pay check for each year of service after 2 years of full time employment.

Most of us got screwed. I had a job, but it was 60 miles further away at the franklin store. I had a friend that worked at the huber Heights (1495) store and she got me in there. I thought I was still on the path for bettering my self up to Asst. management. After a few weeks, she was fired for working with a competitor. I then had a manager that did not know a thing other than to relay orders from the store manager.

After he got sent to third shift a month later I got ,what I thought, and old friend from my old store. Well he is a relayer of info not a manager in the since he is still new to the Wal-Mart way. I have a few contacts in higher places that can't keep there mouths shut.

I had just learned that Wal-Mart is letting go (in the stores) 25% in each store in the district. Now The store that I am at there was no seasonal (for christmas) help hired. As of today I know how they are going to do this. Today after senceless arguing with the Co Manger Kenny, I was wrote up today for supposedly what the store manager scanned in my department Saturday.

As my asst. manger prepared the write up He said "If I get wrote up so do you". I am now currently looking for a Job, do to, I now will never have a future for this company nor will I have a job after the first of the year, cause I know that I will be one of the 25% let go do to the volume of my Department.

I thought that when I read an email from an asistant about the future of Wal-mart it was crazy.

It said that wal-mart stores would like to be at 80% part time and 20% full time. As time has pasted I have seen this slowly starting to take place with department managers being forced to deal with more than one department, doubling the work load. They are also forcing the older employees to look else where for new jobs.

Here is a interesting fact: Wal-mart does not want any Employee to work for them over five years anymore if they are not going to move up. This is straight from the big boys mouth. So I guess my chances have just ended on this day for a future in the Wal-Mart Co.

Later I will write you more on there bogus green awareness ploy to the public.