Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lone God of Keys at Wal-Mart

So, based on positive reviews and discussion, I decided to go out and buy this pinball game. This past weekend, I saw it at wal-mart, but of course the register wouldn't let them sell it to me. (since it was before the street date)

why is the game out on shelves if its not for sale? because somebody was stupid, right?

so they ran off and hid the 4 copies somewhere.

I came back on Wednesday, since it is a hard game to find and no other stores (including Gamestop, lol, what a joke) didn't have it.

The game still wasn't out on the shelves, so i asked somebody if they had any in stock?
after humpty dumpty scanned the bar code, sure enough, there are four copies somewhere in the store. he goes in the back to look. after 45 minutes (dude probably took his lunch break and left me waiting) he comes back and says they are probably locked up in some cage, and the person with the keys left at 5... so i would have to come back tomorrow.

so out of this massive, open 24/7 wal-mart,
there is only one person with keys? and they leave at 5? stupid, right?

so, i come back the next day, before 5, and the games still has not been put out there. so i ask one of the employees to do a quantity check, sure enough, there are 4... hidden somewhere in the
wal-mart maze of missing merchandise, only this time, i came before 5 so surly the mythical gate keeper would have her keys and be able to free the merchandise from their stockroom prison. "Um, the person with the keys is only here on weekdays..."

So, today is a Friday. That's a weekday, right?

"well yes but she's not here today"
okay dude, let me talk to your boss, someone around here has the &%^$#ing keys ... "i am the boss"... well then dude, let me talk to the person ABOVE YOU... "uh, okay, ill be right back"

45 minutes later (sigh) homeboy comes back with the four copies