Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking For A Lawyer: Wal-Mart Ruins Yet Another Life

I had worked for walmart for almost 2 years.  My department
manager in KY started sexually harrassing all
the employees in the photolab and he started to bring his baby
son back there with all the chemicals and help customers
while carrying him around (which I talked to OSHA and its
very illegal) and management didn't do anything about it!
I gave them the dates and the times that he ever did it and
they never cared UNTIL I contacted OSHA!

They tried to coach me for every little thing possible.
They started cutting my hours and things just kept getting

Management tried to coach me AGAIN. The GM sat there and
yelled at me. I later went to the doctor on my lunch break because
I started having chest pains and severe headaches.

The Doctor would not let me leave because my blood pressure
was reading close to 200 and I was suffering from severe

I had to have someone come to release me before I could leave!
and guess what...

Walmart yet again tried to get me in trouble because of

I later just gave up with walmart! I lost my house and
everything because I was without a job! I couldnt claim
unemployment because they said I abandon my job even
though they were firing me!

Walmart kept my paper work from the doctor and I also
had people in the photolab write statements against the
manager and they kept them also! This all happened from
Feb. 2009 - July 2009 in KY