Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wal-Mart Treats Employees Like Slaves

i work for a walmart in upstate new york. recently i have been going through a lot with my mom being in and out of the hospital this year. she has had conjestive heart failure for 5 years and i fear this will be her last year alive.

i have developed severe stress headaches from it, yet i still report to work when i am supposed to. i have gotten a fmla for her in case i need to be there for her.
i had to leave work in a wheelchair one day because i had a haedache come on so quickly and so bad i was walking and talking like i was drunk. i was driven by family to the E.R. to get treatment. this was back in september this year.{2009}.

its now november and i come to work one day and
i get pulled into the office, written up, and given a D- Day for misconduct because of that day that i left from work to go to the hospital- it was considered my 4th absence in 6 months. COMPANY POLICY!!!

plus, a week before that i got written up
for eating half a cracker on company time! when i was being given my D- Day, an assistant manager was sitting at his computer, doing work, and crunching away on some food!!!!

what the hell are they doing breaking the rules when we get written up for doing so? what kind of an example are they giving us by doing this, then chastising us for doing what they do?!?!?! i
really hate it there!