Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting Even with Walmart, Let the Ice-cream Melt

Here’s a tip for all you Walmart malcontents and here is what I do. Often I’ll go into the Walmart here in Rocky Mount, NC, for some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and a few other snacks. 

When I get to the cash and I see there’s only one cashier with a line-up of 50 people, I just leave the stuff on an empty cashier station and calmly walk out of the store and go up the street to Aldis (P.S. There’s never a line-up at the cash at this store.) 

I know it’s small satisfaction, but I like to picture the ice cream all melted and dripping and some Walmart employee scratching their head as to what the hell happened. Well, what happened was some of the poorest service in America, that’s what! Seriously, I would recommend you all go and stack up on ice cream, and if they’re too busy to serve you, then just leave it all out in the open. Who knows, maybe somebody someday will get the message.